Welcome to Chez Lieve, the website for French Classes in Roncesvalles Village. Lieve  teaches French conversation classes to adults from her home during the day. The group classes are taught at 3 different levels. Conversational skills are learned through discussion of current events, the arts, songs, hands on activities, along with grammar essentials and verbs taught in context.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all classes have been online until now. I will offer classes at my home again this fall. In order to join, I request that you are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 at least two weeks prior to the start of classes. I will proceed according to the latest health regulations regarding this matter. 

The Tuesday and Thursday am classes will start outdoors and move to zoom if the weather does not allow being outdoors.
The Thursday pm first class (12.30-2pm) will also start outdoors and move to zoom if the weather does not allow being outdoors.
The Thursday pm second class (2.30-4pm) will start outdoors and move indoors if regulations allow, then to zoom if regulations change.

Registration will open on Monday September 20th at 9am. I expect to have wait lists for some of the classes. 
There will be a minimum of 4 students for any class to take place and a maximum of 6 students.
There will be no drinks or snacks served but you can bring your own.
Masks will have to be worn at all times inside.

I have purchased a TRUE HEPA filter to insure the air quality inside my home is optimal.

If you wish to join as a new student, please send me en email at lievedenil185@gmail.com or give me a call at 416 5160197

I wish you all the best in these difficult times and hope you stay healthy and safe. Bon courage!

To complete your registration:
Registrations will open on Monday September 20th at 9am. 
Fill out the registration form online once it becomes available.  You can find it under CLASSES and by clicking on the registration link under that heading. 

Lieve is a long time resident of the Roncesvalles area. She started teaching French locally for the French Immersion parents at Howard PS as a support for their children. She has many years of experience in that area and also reaches out to parents from other schools, interested learners, local residents, seniors etc...

Her lively and enjoyable classes have become well-known in the neighbourhood. In her classes, Lieve combines a climate of social gathering by sharing cultural and global news, and initiating discussions on art and current events and topics preoccupying the minds of Torontonians wanting to learn French. All homework is optional.


Coffee, tea and chocolates are served around the dining room table Chez Lieve. 
(not for Fall 2021, it's a bring your own drink only policy)

“I've been attending Lieve's French classes for 10 years now. It's a great way to keep up my French. Lieve keeps us on our grammar toes, leads us in lively discussions about everything from the latest political uprisings to the whereabouts of the French president's wife, and feeds us lattes and Belgian chocolate. All this with a great bunch of people. I couldn't ask for more.”
Christine Higdon